FAQs for exhibitors on the hygiene concept

This is where we answer frequently asked questions

As a matter of principle, HMC bases all of its rules and guidelines on the City of Hamburg's "HmbSARS-CoV-2-EindämmungsVO" ordinance as last amended, and coordinates its measures with the relevant exhibitor advisory boards and industry associations.

Our Health and Safety Guidelines are intended to provide a clear and secure framework for action that will provide orientation for exhibitors. In addition, we would also like to provide sufficient scope for design where this is feasible.

We reserve the right to extend opening hours if this becomes necessary due to changes in the number of participants. The adjustment of opening hours may be a necessary measure to enable all expected visitors to attend.

Exhibitors and visitors must wear a protective face mask permanently inside the exhibition halls, covering the mouth and nose in such a way as to reduce the spread of droplets and aerosols caused by coughing, sneezing or speaking. Information on further regulations can be found in our Health and Safety Guidelines.

In addition to the existing toilet facilities, further possibilities for regular hand hygiene will be created on the entire site and in the multi-storey car parks. Dispensers for hand disinfectants and additional hand washing basins will be set up for this purpose.

HMC ensures that the contact details of all participants are recorded, as HMC registers all participants of the event. In the case of catering services, documentation of the guests served at the stand must be carried out by the exhibitor.

Areas for talks/presentations and special areas are planned at the fair. Seating is planned so that the legally prescribed distance of at least 1.50 m is observed. In order to provide sufficient seating for visitors, the areas will be adapted to the requirements.

The guide for the construction and operation of exhibition stands on the premises of HMC can be found in appendix 2 of the Health and Safety Guidelines. If you have any questions about your stand construction concept, please contact our stand construction inspection team at ops(at)hamburg-messe(dot)de. This also applies if it is not possible for you to set up your counter at a distance of 0.5m from the stand boundary. We will be happy to examine possible alternatives for you.

The distance requirement of at least 1.50 m between the participants must be observed and may only be reduced if there is a physical barrier between the conversation partners.

Yes, we have corresponding offers in our OSC. If you have booked a complete stand, it is also possible to book additional equipment via the OSC. Our exhibitor service will be happy to advise you on this at +49 40 3569-7575 or by e-mail at ausstellerservice(at)hamburg-messe(dot)de.

For catering on the exhibition grounds, the same conditions apply as for catering outside the grounds. The distribution of food samples for direct consumption as well as food for self-drawing is prohibited at the exhibition stand. Customer catering is possible within the stand area, which is similar to catering in a restaurant. The distribution of packaged food and beverages is also possible. Compliance with the Health and Safety Guidelines, analogous to the rules applicable in restaurants, is assumed. Simple documentation (name, residential address, telephone number) of the guests being served must be provided to enable contact tracking. Hand washing facilities or facilities for hand disinfection must be provided at the stand by the exhibitor. Except at the seating area, the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector applies here as well. If external catering companies are commissioned, the exhibitor or organiser is responsible for monitoring the requirements.

Every exhibitor must draw up a cleaning concept for his/her stand. Contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. In principle, intensively used surfaces, such as table surfaces and exhibits held in the hands of visitors, must be cleaned after each visitor contact. In addition, work surfaces, door handles and exhibits must be cleaned in a manner appropriate to visitor frequency.

Touchscreens can be used. The cleaning of the surfaces must be included in the stand's own cleaning concept.

Brochures can be distributed on the stand area. Please ensure special hand hygiene at the distributor and reduce the distribution to an appropriate, low level. HMC recommends that alternative possibilities be examined.

Will there be a bouldering wall again next year?

The bouldering wall is also planned for next year.

Will there be a cruise deck again next year?

Yes, a cruise deck including lecture facilities for the exhibitors is planned. Seating will be planned so that the minimum distance of 1.50 m is maintained. The maximum visitor capacity will be limited.

Can visitors enter my vehicles and take a look inside? How many people can enter my vehicle, awning or similar?

It is possible to visit the exhibits. Exhibitors must open all doors, windows and roof hatches to ensure good circulation of fresh air. In addition, all surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Visiting the vehicles is only possible with people from the same household.

Will there be a course to test ride bicycle products?

There is a course in which test drives can take place with sufficient distance. Exhibitors must ensure that the bikes are cleaned after each test drive - at best disinfected in each case. Visitors must disinfect their hands and wear a mouth and nose protection before using the bikes.

How are the hygiene measures implemented at the FOTOHAVEN Academy workshops?

All participants will be registered when buying a ticket. The conference rooms have a sufficiently large area so that the participants can take their seats with a minimum distance of 1.50 m. The ventilation of the conference rooms complies with the specifications.

Can we offer a camera and lens rental service for visitors?

Products can be offered for rental. Exhibitors must ensure that the products are cleaned after each use - at best disinfected in each case. Visitors must disinfect their hands before use and wear a mouth and nose protection.

FAQs for exhibitors on postponement

oohh! FreizeitWelten (REISEN HAMBURG, RAD HAMBURG, CARAVANING HAMBURG, KREUZFAHRTWELT HAMBURG, FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG, AUTOTAGE HAMBURG) has been postponed to the period from 24 until 28 March 2021. It was originally planned for 3 to 7 Febuary 2021. 

Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC) is postponing the oohh! FreizeitWelten (REISEN HAMBURG, RAD HAMBURG, CARAVANING HAMBURG, KREUZFAHRTWELT HAMBURG, FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG, AUTOTAGE HAMBURG) because of the corona pandemic with its worldwide impact on major events and international travel, which has led to shifts in event calendar of Hamburg Messe und Congress.

Assembly times:

22 March 2021, 7 am – 10 pm
23 March 2021, 7 am – 6 pm

Disassembly times:

28 March 2021, 6 pm – 12 midnight
29 March 2021, 12 midnight – 10 pm
30 March 2021, 7 am – 8pm

A request for early stand assembly is only possible to a very limited extent on March 21 and must must be submitted in writing to the Trade Fair and Exhibition Technology Department and approved. An extended disassembly can be requested for March 31st.

Your registration is also valid for the new date. You do not have to worry about anything in this regard. We will send you a placement proposal in the months before the new event. If you do not object to this, you will receive admission afterwards (see paragraph 3 of the General Conditions of Participation of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH).

As usual, you can cancel your registration free of charge before admission (see paragraph 8.1. of the General Conditions of Participation of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH). Please submit your cancellation request in writing.

The dynamic of the spread of the coronavirus is changing from day to day. Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH is in constant communication with the responsible health authorities to jointly assess the situation. Comprehensive health protection measures appropriate for the given conditions will be taken and announced publicly in a timely manner for the rescheduled oohh! FreizeitWelten (REISEN HAMBURG, RAD HAMBURG, CARAVANING HAMBURG, KREUZFAHRTWELT HAMBURG, FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG, AUTOTAGE HAMBURG) in March.

No. Any services ordered from third parties are exclusively subject to the contractual relationship between the parties to the contract. Therefore HMC will not reimburse you for any related costs.

While we will not postpone the trade fair a second time, we do not participate in any speculation. The next scheduled oohh! FreizeitWelten (REISEN HAMBURG, RAD HAMBURG, CARAVANING HAMBURG, KREUZFAHRTWELT HAMBURG, FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG, AUTOTAGE HAMBURG) would be 9.to 13. Febuary 2022.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure, you will get your participation fee back (including AUMA). If there is no case of force majeure and HMC is responsible for the cancellation, the full participation fee will also be refunded ((see paragraph 15 of the General Conditions of Participation of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, as of April 2020).

Due to the postponement of the trade fair, payment of the participation fee for all exhibitors can be done until January 2021.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please contact our Service Centre by phone or e-mail.

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